Rocky Tatarelli



  • Rocky's Discography & Musical History

    Rocky's recording credits, both on the West Coast and in Detroit, number over a hundred, of which a small selection follows.


    Jimmy Hunter (Hollywood producer, studio drummer and owner of Cazador Recording Studio). Rocky continues to be the studio sax soloist for many of Jimmy Hunter's productions. Recently, for instance, he was the soloist on "Please Be Cool," a tribute to Bob Birch, as well as on Jimmy Hunter's reinterpretation of Michael Jackson's "Who's Loving You Now?"


    A few other recent recordings include several projects featuring Paul Warren (guitarist with Rod Stewart) and Bob Birch (bassist with Elton John, Billy Joel, Sting, Eric Clapton, and many more); Darcy Monet, Los Angeles vocalist: soloist on her Christmas single, "Where Are You, Christmas?" Ivy Lite Rocway, Los Angeles vocalist and visual performance artist: soloist on "Feel Me In Your Heart."


    Kevin Burton Organ Trio (Kevin Burton, organ; Mick Valentino, guitar; and Mike Curtis, drums): six cuts on their most recent album.


    Victor King and The King's Quintet (Oakland drummer): Rocky is guest artist on his album, "Jazz in the City," produced by Doug McKeehan. Kevin Wosley (San Jose vocalist): Rocky is guest artist on his self-produced album, "Dragon Flax."


    Kathy Moxham and Doug Logan: Rocky is guest artist on their album, "Little Fling."


    Susan Rancourt (San Francisco vocalist): Rocky is guest artist on her album, "Live at Kelly's," featuring the Kelly Park Trio.


    Mark Manfredi (Oakland vocalist): Rocky is guest artist on his self produced album.


    Shawn Ryan (jazz cabaret artist). Rocky is guest artist on one of Shawn's first albums, "Blue Skies," along with pianist Kelly Park.


    "Party Store Jive" one of Rocky's most successful originals, recorded and mixed at Outback Studios, Oakland, CA and Fantasy Recording Studios, San Francisco, CA.


    Holland-Dozier-Holland (now in the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). While Rocky was a member of the New World Symphony band in Detroit, he was featured on all of the tunes for the band's Warlock album, which sold over 300,000 copies in five weeks on the Invictus label and was produced by Holland-Dozier-Holland.


    John Fiori (famed producer and engineer, with more than 19 gold and two platinum records to his credit). Rocky worked on several recording projects with Fiori at Haji Studios, Los Angeles.


    Elephant Tracks World Talent Hunt. 1991 compilation CD: Rocky was #6 in the nation with his "Mysterious Eyes."


    McKinley Jackson (producer/trombonist for Invictus Records): Rocky was a guest artist on several of Jackson's recording projects.


    Kim Weston (well-known Motown vocalist): guest artist on her recordings, "Positive State Of Mind" and "Positively Yes."


    The Puus Brothers Band (all-star Estonian touring band): guest sax player on several recordings.


    Tonu Sepp (San Francisco producer and multi-instrumentalist): Rocky is the featured artist on four CD projects: "Dreams Fulfilled" "The Westo Band" "Dreams" and "That's What Sax is All About." The latter included a highly successful version of Brian Wilson's "Don't Worry Baby," by the Prime-Time Band, recorded at TSO and Westo Studios.


    Ray Kazora (Detroit producer and owner of Incidental Sounds Studio). Rocky is guest soloist on many of his recording projects.


    Randy Leipnik (producer and owner of Semper Records): Rocky has recorded on the projects of several artists, for example, Night Chill (Detroit R&B group): he is guest artist and rhythm programmer on their album, "Happy Birthday Love," and Jack M (Detroit vocalist): Rocky is guest artist on "Jack M: a Musical Story."