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"To touch the hearts and souls of everyone who listens to my music, so that despite what they might be experiencing at the time -- everything from tragedy to joy -- they will be engaged by my music and transported to a realm of dance and laughter and love." Thus the exciting and charismatic tenor sax soloist and composer Rocky Tatarelli has expressed his mission.


Rocky originally hails from Detroit, where as a young man he made a major name for himself in the very competitive jazz and popular music world in the Motor City, performing live in dozens of venues and also appearing on more than 100 recordings with various artists.


For the past several decades he has alternated between Detroit and the West Coast, including the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles, as well as the Reno/Tahoe/Carson City area. In 2006 he settled in Reno, where he plays with many of the finest jazz musicians in the area and in 2007 was elected "Tahoe Musician of the Year." More detailed information on Rocky's extensive performance credits may be found on his Bio page.


He is also a prolific composer and talented producer with over 400 original pieces of music to date, including many individual tunes, as well as custom music scores that he has programmed for films, radio shows and commercials. Over his many years as a performer, Rocky has come to love many genres of music - jazz, contemporary jazz, Latin, fusion, R&B, rock, blues, electronic, and techno, for example, as well as the most recent new music. Some of these diverse interests are reflected in his original work, much of which is thus very difficult to classify precisely.


Have fun exploring the Official Rocky Tatarelli Website. Be sure to listen to the 30-second samples of the remarkably varied works of this unique composer. For further links to Rocky's music, see his Music page.


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