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Recording and Documenting Rocky's Work

September 20, 2015 ·


Rocky's long-time friend in Michigan, Dr. Bob Bedard, was the first to suggest that after so many years of performing and composing, he should consider recording and documenting his work, so that the way he composed, produced, and performed the music that came from his heart and soul would be felt emotionally by a larger audience. To that end, "Dr. Bob" actually provided Rocky with his first set of studio equipment. Through his friend's generous gift, Rocky was able to learn the basics of recording, so that when he went into a large studio, he was prepared to record a number of his original compositions. This was the beginning of his first major project, his "Sack Full Of Dreams" album. 


His second recording project, "Jazzy Dance," done at George Hellow's Polaris Studio in Windsor, Ontario, featured "City Streets" a catchy instrumental that for 18 weeks received radio airplay on WJZZFM throughout the metropolitan Detroit area (reaching as far as Cleveland, OH). "City Streets" was also featured multiple times on the jazz show hosted by Clifford Brown Jr., on KCSM, the Bay Area's main jazz station. From that point on, many of his fans began to refer to his musical style as "jazzy dance." Recently Rocky and Craig Fletcher (guitarist, vocalist, composer, andproducer extraordinaire), have established the afore-mentioned project entitled "Carson Dreamers," featuring their original compositions. Two titles are so far available on CD Baby, Amazon, and I-Tunes (among other sites): "A Rose for My Love" and "Everybody on the Dance Floor."